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Latest news from the team



02/05     Excited to share our new preprint on the role of cortical control over the hypothalamus in stress eating responses [LINK] 

26/04     We have a vacancy out for a PhD position. See the link, deadline closing 17th May. [LINK] 

30/01     For PhD students interested in neural circuits, check out this nice summer school opportunity for upcoming July [LINK] 




17/10     Check out our preprint on neuropeptide Y regulation of locus coeruleus anxiety systems. [LINK] 


20/09     Congrats to the Kapitein Lab on the publication of their work on calibrated expansion microscopy. [LINK] 


01/01     Great that our national collaboration towards better understanding chronic pain received new funding from the Center for Unusual Collaborations (CuCo). More information on our ambition and activities here [Link] 



14/11     We are excited that our new paper is out on how social stress alters hypothalamic control over the dopamine system, contributing to binge eating responses. A project spearheaded by PhD student Louisa Linders. [Link] 


08/10     Our review on how to use optogenetics + patch clamp slice electrophysiology methods to study various features of synaptic transmission is out!  [Link] 


14/07     Excited to have been co-awarded an NWO Open Competition Domain (ENW-M) grant with main applicant Heidi Lesscher, to understand the effects of early life social play opportunities on resilience in later life. [Link] 


08/07     Our paper on stress-activated neuronal ensembles in the VTA is out! A project led by PhD student Ioannis Koutlas [Link] 


05/07     Congrats to Lieke van de Haar from the Jeroen Pasterkamp lab on the publication of their work on habenular development. Happy to have collaborated with Danai Riga from the lab on the functional characterization of the Cartpt+ neuronal subset [Link] 


17/06     Congrats to PhD student Louisa Linders for winning a Poster prize at the Dutch Neuroscience Meeting! 


01/06     A warm thank you and goodbye to Lefkothea Patrikiou, who was in our team as a research assistent for 4 years!


01/05     Welcome to Roberto D'Angelo who started as a PhD student in the team! 


18/02     Congrats to Enrica Montalban from the Jean-Antoine Girault lab on the publication of their work on the role of prostaglandin E2 in the striatum. With contributions from lab members Laura Supiot and Evelien Schut on the role of PGE2 in striatal neuron excitability and behavioral function. [Link]  


15/01     Welcome to Wenjie Du who started in the lab as a PhD student! 


14/01     Our paper out in collaboration with groups of Roger Adan and Zsolt Liposits on Orexin receptor regulation of Ventral Tegmental Area dopamine neuronal subtypes.  [Link]  




22/11     Congratulations to Danai Riga for her NWO XS grant! [Link]    


Nov/Dec Welcome to Lianne Delwel, Stef van der Starre and Doortje Knobbe for joining the lab for their 9 month MSc research internship.


01/10     Outreach event at the Betweter festival at Tivoli Utrecht about stress eating research [Link]    


05/08     We are immeasurably sad to have lost our dear Janna. We remember her fondly for the great person she was and the science she did.


14/07     Excited and thankful to have been awarded a VIDI grant from NWO to understand effects of stress on neurobiological circuits linked to craving and impulse control. [Link]


30/06     Excited that Wenjie Du obtained her Chinese Scholarship Council fund to join our team next year.               




01/07     Welcome to Ioannis Koutlas who started as a PhD student!


Nov/Dec Welcome to Kelly Rademakers and Sasha Nicolson for joining the lab for their 9 month MSc research internship.


10/04     Paper out in collaboration with group of Harold MacGillavry [Link]  


15/02     Welcome to Janna Smeets who started as a postdoc!


04/02     Congratulations to Rogier Poorthuis on obtaining a Marie Curie (MSCA-IF) Grant




01/12     Welcome to Laura Supiot who joined as a PhD student!


Nov/Dec Welcome to Leonard Boger and Robin Haak for joining the lab for their 9 month MSc research internship.


01/05     Welcome to Danai Riga who joined with her Veni grant as a postdoctoral fellow!


01/12    Welcome to Yoni Couderc, joining for his MSc research internship on the Erasmus program. 


01/03     Welcome to Rogier Poorthuis who joined as a postdoctoral fellow!


01/02     Welcome to Evelien Schut who joined as a postdoctoral fellow!





Nov/Dec Welcome to Bram van Schaffelaar and Tjerk Swinkels for joining the lab for their 9 month MSc research internship.


07/10     Happy to have contributed to the paper of our collaborators on PFC-raphe circuit development. Congrats to Mariano Soiza-Reilly from the Patricia Gaspar team!


01/09     Welcome to Asena Boyadzhieva, joining for her MSc research internship on the Erasmus program. 


17/08     Our paper is out on how GABABR signaling diminishes at Pallidal-Habenula synapses during cocaine withdrawal!


27/07     Truly ecstatic and honored to have received the ERC Starting Grant!!, allowing us to start unraveling how stress alters neural circuits that control food intake. 


20/07     Congratulations to Danai Riga for obtaining the NWO Veni grant to join the lab in May 2019!


01/06     Lefkothea Patrikiou accepted a position as Research Assistant in the lab!





01/12    Welcome to Aggelos Didachos for joining the lab for his 9 month MSc research internship.


17/11     A great honor to have obtained the Rudolf Magnus Young Talent Award!


15/11     Welcome to Louisa Linders, who started as a PhD student in the Lab!


05/09     New paper out on the role of the lateral habenula in aversion learning.


28/08     New review out on the role of the lateral habenula in drug addiction.


26/08     Our collaborators have a new paper out on nicotine and stress sensitivity.


01/07     Start of the lab!